Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sports Down Under

This may come as a surprise to an American audience but the folks down south don't give a fig about sports up north. NCAA, NFL and MLB don't garner much attention in Australia or New Zealand (NZ). You might see a mention of some event, like the World Series, and there was coverage of the Aussie that played for the 49ers but that is about it. Who really needs the American sports when they have their own.

I previously reported on the Melbourne Cup, the annual horse race that literally shut down the nation so all could watch.

Then there is the Rugby World Cup, won by NZ in a stirring victory over arch rival, Australia. Walk into a pub today, weeks after the match, and you can still see it on TV as if the match is still under way.

Both the southern countries love their cricket. We have had several people unsuccessfully try to explain the match rules. All I know is that both sides wear white, stay clean and play the same match for days. Perhaps this quote from a report in the paper will shed light on the sport.

"At drinks, Milton was in a strong position at 112 for one. A couple of quick wickets slowed the run rate but some powerful finishing got the home side to 233, bowled out in the 39th over."

More tea anyone?

And there is still room for the little guy in sports to shine down under. Today the Queensland, NZ area paper reported that a 17 year old from nearby Wanaka secured a 5th place finish in the USA duck calling competition followed by a 4th place finish in goose calling. According to his mother he has been getting the "rock star treatment" from US duck call makers. "It is a dream come true," according to mom.

Different sports for different folks.

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