Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adelaide in South Australia

Melbourne at 4.6 million population looks and feels like a big city. Australia's 5th largest city, Adelaide, has only 1.3 million and feels much smaller than that. So it was a nice change to be absorbed by the small town feel of this South Australian city.

Master planned, with wide streets and a CBD surrounded by a ring of parks, it is a beautiful place. We headed into the surrounding hills for a trip to the Cleland Wildlife Park and some spectacular views of the city below. As in Tasmainia, we had a chance to get up close to the indigenous animals. 

Outdoor Adventure Travel, OATS, likes to get their travelers into local homes for the evening some time during the trip. So we split the group in two and visited local familys for dinner. Ours were gracious hosts and it was fun to get into a local home and talk about life in Adelaide while sharing a bit about our own lives.

School Kids
Local students wear uniforms which include hats. It seems there is a concern about sun exposure and students are required to wear their uniform hats when outside at school. We did notice the older kids ditched them as soon as they left the school grounds as they must not be "cool."

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