Monday, November 23, 2015

Charged Up to Travel

Electronic toys let travelers "stay in touch" while on the road. They also present a challenge to insure all the "toys" are charged and ready to go each day. Since we need plug adapters to juice up in Anzac countries, charging often needs to occur in waves, as we only have two adapters along.
In addition to the eight primary toys--phones, cameras, Kindles and iPads--we carry three little battery boosters to boost our batteries during the day if we fail to boost them properly each evening. Ahh, the complexities of 21st Century travel.

(There is one couple on our trip who left their "toys" at home and have not checked email for 30 days.--"gasp!" "If our kids need us they know where we are," is their mantra. Hmm, they may be on to something.)

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