Sunday, November 15, 2015

Next Stop: Auckland, New Zealand

Sydney was the last stop on the Australian portion of our trip. We moved on to Auckland, New Zealand, a moderate size town though large by NZ standards. Located on the North Island it is surrounded by water and the home of the NZ Americas Cup challengers for many years.
(NZ consists of two islands, North and South. We will visit both during our stay.)

The country is still basking in the glory of their recent victory over Australia in the Rugby World Cup. There is always a friendly rivalry between NZ and their larger Australian neighbors. That made the victory even  sweeter.

NZ is currently engaged in a discussion about changing their national flag. The present flag is often confused with the Australian flag and carries the British Union Jack on the corner. Some would like to declare the NZ identity with a new flag. After reviewing hundreds of ideas these five have been put out for a citizen vote. The winner will then run against the current flag and a decision will be made.
The current New Zealand flag.
The replacement candidates. Which would you chose if you were a Kiwi?

Our hotel is close to the waterfront so we did our touring via bus and ferry and got a flavor,for the place.

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