Monday, November 9, 2015

Rainforest Adventure

After a day in the outback followed by a day on the Great Barrier Reef a day in a tropical rain forest was a perfect trifecta.

The Daintree rainforest is the oldest surviving rainforest in the world. It's World Heritage listing is the highest order of protection a nation can bestow on its natural treasures. We had an incredible walking tour where the interdependence of the various plants and animals was explained. Way to much detail to explain even if I understood all the issues, which I don't. 

We followed with trip up Cooper Creek learning about the role of the ominous looking mangrove swamps in the complex ecosystem. Croc watching was a bonus and we all were more than willing to pay attention when the guide admonished us to keep all body part in the boat if we wanted to keep all body parts.

Our time in more rural Australia is coming to an end and we are headed to Sydney at sunrise.

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