Monday, May 27, 2013

The Adventure Ends

Can travel to three advanced countries, Russia, Estonia and Finland really be called an adventure? We certainly weren’t “roughing it” unless you count three days on a Russian river without internet access. But, in my view, any trip that involves air travel is an adventure. Security hassles, delayed planes and lost luggage all loom as travel hazards. A tip of the hat goes to Delta Airlines. Our flights were good, schedules worked, staff smiled and luggage arrived. Life was good.

Grand Circle Travel, their ship and staff did an excellent job. The itinerary was full but not packed and the guides and literature gave us an excellent taste of history and culture of all three countries. It was alarming how little I knew about the history of that part of the world. I still have much to learn but have sufficient foundation to bore friends with trip stories for months to come. (Anyone interested in viewing our 1700 photos should just drop us a note! A viewing can be arranged.)

Would I recommend the trip, Delta and Grand Circle? Absolutely, it was an “adventure” we will long remember.

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