Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Russia With Love

We are off on our 2013 adventure, a three week river cruise in Russia with a land and ferry side trip to Estonia and Finland. It’s a new part of the world for us.

First stop is Moscow, where we will board our cruise ship, the Tikhi Don, using it as our Moscow hotel for several days while we explore the Russian capital.

Then, through canals, rivers and lakes we will make our way to St. Petersburg where, once again, the ship will be our hotel while we probe the history of this storied city.

Finally, leaving the ship behind we will visit Tallin, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland.

It’s a big place with strange languages but should be educational and interesting. This will be our second trip with Grand Circle Travel. (www.gct.com)

Last week we were a bit frustrated with Grand Circle. After booking 11 months ago, and receiving our room assignment, we were informed that they were “overbooked.” The “good” news was that they had another, less expensive room for us. The “bad” news was they were tossing us downstairs to a lower deck. However, after learning we were not happy with the treatment, they moved us back topside when another guest canceled. As a famous writer said, all's well that ends well.

So it’s off to Moscow, via New York. Once we recover from the 11 hour time change and can find an internet connection we will let you know more about our progress and experiences.

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