Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Showers of Mexico; An Aqua Adventure

We recently completed a two week trip to Mexico with the Copper Canyon as our ultimate destination. Nowhere on the trip was there more variety encountered than in the hotel showers adding a sense of adventure to what should have been routine bathing experiences.

shower_~KS94066In Tucson mineral deposits on the head sent about 20% of the water jets off in random directions. Rogue streams might drill your eye, hit your hair and zip by your ear while you tried to stay in the main stream.

In Nuevo Casa Grande the stream was fine but only one temperature was available—HOT. We twisted and turned both knobs to no avail. The temperature never varied. It was on the edge of human tolerance forcing us into a lather and quick rinse cycle. We came out of the shower feeling like well done Maine lobsters.

shower-head_~bxp60108Chihuahua was perfecto—no complaints. Any temperature you wanted directed where you wanted.

Divisadero, a rustic place in the mountains, offered a rustic and entertaining shower. The water was wonderful, warm and undrinkable when it arrived but its arrival was preceded by irregular bursts of air and banging of pipes; most charming.

shower-head_~IS7091El Fuerte was nearly perfecto. A three inch round head, like the spout of an old watering pail, dispensed a satisfactory flow; not hard but steady and sufficient.

San Carlos, in one of the most modern hotels of the trip, provided what we believed to be a water conserving shower head. Rather than a spray it delivered a high pressure fog-like mist that enveloped the bather. No amount of adjustment could alter the fog pattern. The shower head would have been excellent for fire suppression and provided a decent shower as long as you didn’t mind a London fog-like experience and getting your hair wet each time.

shower-head-spraying_~k1588664Returning to the original Tucson hotel, assigned to a different room, we encountered a more random shower than during our first stay.. Trying to adjust the head and eliminate some of the random spray only introduced new water jets where none had before appeared.

Travel can be an adventure and, in this case, the random shower designs only added to the stories we had to share at the end of the trip. Hot or cold, mist or jets we were glad to have a chance to freshen up at the end of a day on the road. And we appreciate the home shower even more!

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  1. Hi, Steve... Thanks for sharing your "shower adventures." Reminds me of when my wife and I lived in Peruvian Andes and traveled throughout Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. We had so many shower adventures that I had thought about writing an essay on the subject. Never posted on the subject though. Glad you did. Happy Thanksgiving, Bill